Interactive Chart: World’s Biggest Data Breaches

This site is so cool I had to share. Please click on the graphic for the full interactive experience. See more here: And one more graphic from the same page:

Favicons-What Kinds of Files Do You Need?

Everyone has seen favicons although not many people know what they are called. They are that little graphic of the website’s logo that you find in the address bar of the browser. Although your client might not know what they are called – or really even consider them when designing a website, they are one… Read More

Limit or Disable Post Revisions

Although I find the Revisions option helpful in the post editor, I certainly don’t need the last 50 versions of any given post. That can quickly bloat any database. Backing up your website can be tough with a huge database. Try using these snippets to either disable post revisions or limit them to five. (Note,… Read More

Plugin Review: LayerSlider WP

I recently had the need for a responsive, full-width slider that allowed buttons with different links and ended up choosing LayerSlider WP by kreatura. Although this slider has a lot of really great features, I didn’t find it as intuitive as I expected. One of the trade offs in a plugin that has so many… Read More

Article Intro Effects with CSS & JavaScript

Just love this demo: And how nice that they give you the files to download so you can do this yourself!

Empower Your WordPress Site with the New GT3 Page Builder Plugin

This post was made possible by GT3 Themes. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored. For more details, please read our disclaimer. If you are running your website or blog on WordPress, you already know its powerful functionality and ease… Read More

How to make photos come to life with a little bit of CSS magic.

Have to share this because it’s just too fun. And who doesn’t love CSS animation?

How To Rock Your Local SEO with Alex Miranda

Last night I attended an incredible presentation by SEO guru, Alex Miranda. As a Google Partner, he knows so many tips and tricks that I just couldn’t take notes fast enough. Lucky for me and you, he has posted his slides online. Take a look and get ready to give your own website a boost!… Read More

Adding Icons to Your Gravity Forms

Have you wanted to make your forms look nicer by adding icons in the input boxes? Here’s how to do it with Gravity Forms: 1) Upload your icons to the site. I prefer to use ftp and upload the icons to the image folder of my theme so clients won’t delete them by mistake, but… Read More

Change Menu Labels without Changing Page Names

Super quick WordPress tutorial on how to change the navigation or menu label without changing the page name.