If you’ve been using the plugin on your site to optimize your images, you’re now seeing the notice that Yahoo smushing this service. Here’s the notice at the top of my site: Urgent Notice Yahoo appears to be either discontinuing or not supporting their free service – bah! So, WPMU DEV is… Read More

Use Icons Instead of Text in Your WordPress Menu with Font Awesome

First Choose to use the Plugin or Just a Little Script First, if you don’t already know about Font Awesome, you should really check it out. It makes it super simple to use great icons on your site that scale to whatever size you need. I did a quick post about using a plugin to… Read More

Best WordPress Slider Plugin: Smart Slider 2 – Tutorial

Finding a good slider plugin for WordPress is more difficult than it should be. Here are my requirements: My slider requirements Must be responsive Should be able to edit text separately from image Should not use “posts” Should allow HMTL Should be able to link to whatever I want (no restrictions to only linking to… Read More

Spring Cleaning for Your WordPress Website

It’s finally that time of year – the snow is starting to melt and we are beginning to see signs of Spring. I know you are used to making sure your home is in order this time of year – but when’s the last time you did a little spring cleaning on your website? See… Read More

How To Use Google Analytics To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

The amount of information available through Google Analytics can really be overwhelming. There is some incredible information there. But the big question is – what to do with it? The article below gives some great information on what data to pay attention to and how to give your viewers more of what they love the… Read More

CSS Puns

A friend recently introduced me to this website and this is just the crazy kind of humor I love.

The Big Problem with Small Business Websites

I found this infographic from interesting. Are you making any of these mistakes?

How Can I Change the Fonts on my WordPress Site?

One of the most common requests I get from customers is to change the fonts on their site. WordPress has a very nice visual editor and it is easy to make text bold, italic, underlined, and even to change text color, but changing fonts is a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t give users a… Read More

Resource: CSS Reference from Codrops

This is a great reference for CSS properties:

Your Logo is Too Big

Although I am a WordPress developer now, I studied marketing and design in college. Honestly, I love them both. And when clients come to me a with a bad design, it really makes me cringe. Sometimes I wonder, is it my place to say something about a client’s bad design? A bad design is going… Read More

Make Your Own Graphics with

I just discovered this little gem called Canva. Although I LOVE design, I’ve always had a better brain for coding than designing. But Canva makes me look like a pro! Canva has prepared beautiful images with artful text and design and allows you to customize the designs to your needs. Many options are free and… Read More

Styling the Select Element in Mac Chrome with CSS

Quick tip: I hate the way the drop down area looks in forms on Mac Chrome. To make it look like the other browsers, simply add this to your CSS file: select { -webkit-appearance:none; } Hope this helps!

Understanding Hexcodes

When you start dealing with CSS, you need to learn about hexcodes, but they aren’t as intuitive as you might think. This is an excellent article that goes over the basics which will make working with hexcodes much simpler. Here are some of the basic ideas from the article: I think the most confusing… Read More

Do You Know the Difference Between a Browser and a Search Engine?

If not, you should read this: HOW THE WEB WORKS – IN ONE EASY LESSON And even if you do, this is a great article that covers the very basics of how the web works. An excellent foundation if you’re ready to start working with WordPress. Feel free to ignore the video unless you want… Read More

Before & After:

I’ve always loved makeovers. It doesn’t matter if it’s hair, makeup, homes or cars – I love to see the transformation. So, I’ve decided to add a new series – Before & After. Each time I redo a website I’ll show it here. My first site that I’d like to show is They sell… Read More