Theme Review: Avada

The Avada theme has been very popular recently and with good reason. It’s a beautiful, clean design with lots of customization options. As a developer, I love it. It just takes a while to learn the shortcode. As a non-developer, how much you love it will depend on how much you can read between the… Read More

Export Your Gravity Forms Entries to a Spreadsheet with Zapier

I’ve heard feedback from clients and other developers who have a hard time with Gravity Form’s export feature, which only allows you to export to a .csv file.  While the CSV file can usually be easily converted to an Excel spreadsheet, this can sometimes cause problems and complications.  One way to get around this problem… Read More

Recommended Plugins

People always ask about which plugins are the best to use. The answer is different for everyone, but here is my list of the plugins I have used and find useful. I believe that you should keep plugin usage to a minimum, as it can bog down your website and old plugins can comprise your… Read More

How to Transfer a Site with BackupBuddy

Here is the step by step process I used to move a WordPress development site to an already existing site to “go live” with the new design. Here is what you will need: a) Source site (your development site with your completed design in WordPress) b) Destination site (the current hosting that your domain name… Read More

Website Security: Don’t Use Your Browser to Save Your Password

There are a few simple steps you can take to make your website (and your life) a lot more secure. This is a great article on one way to do it. I know so many people use their browsers to save their passwords because it’s easy, but there is a better way. Why You Should… Read More

Another Reason your Website MUST be Mobile Friendly

I speak a lot about responsive or mobile friendly web design, I’ve always told my clients it’s a non-negotiable. It’s more expensive and time consuming, but if you’re spending money to build a website, you might as well capture your full audience. With 60% of web traffic now coming from mobile*, why would you leave… Read More

Warning: MailChimp-Gravity Forms Update 3.0 Removes Integration

If you’re a good little WordPresser and keep those themes and plugins updated as soon as you see the notification (and if you’re not, that’s a whole other post)- then you’ve probably recently updated to the MailChimp 3.0 add-on for Gravity Forms. Be aware – that update removes the MailChimp connection for each form and… Read More

Cropping Featured Images

WordPress includes the ability to crop images or thumbnails right from the media library, which is a very nice feature. But if you’re using a theme that has featured images or custom image sizes, you’re going to need this great plugin I just found. Many of the genesis child themes use these custom image sizes… Read More

Adobe Typekit and Choosing a Great Font

I had heard about Adobe Edge a while ago, but many of the fonts I found there were the same as Google Fonts, my “go to” place to find fonts. However, I’m not always happy with how Google Fonts renders. The letters aren’t always as smooth as I would like them to be on the… Read More

Google Fonts

I was just looking over my site and realized I had never done a post on Google Fonts, one of my main website design tools. Although this should probably be included with the 101 tutorials because it’s one of the first things most of my students ask is to how to change the fonts, it’s… Read More

Interactive Chart: World’s Biggest Data Breaches

This site is so cool I had to share. Please click on the graphic for the full interactive experience. See more here: And one more graphic from the same page:

Favicons-What Kinds of Files Do You Need?

Everyone has seen favicons although not many people know what they are called. They are that little graphic of the website’s logo that you find in the address bar of the browser. Although your client might not know what they are called – or really even consider them when designing a website, they are one… Read More

Limit or Disable Post Revisions

Although I find the Revisions option helpful in the post editor, I certainly don’t need the last 50 versions of any given post. That can quickly bloat any database. Backing up your website can be tough with a huge database. Try using these snippets to either disable post revisions or limit them to five. (Note,… Read More

Plugin Review: LayerSlider WP

I recently had the need for a responsive, full-width slider that allowed buttons with different links and ended up choosing LayerSlider WP by kreatura. Although this slider has a lot of really great features, I didn’t find it as intuitive as I expected. One of the trade offs in a plugin that has so many… Read More

Article Intro Effects with CSS & JavaScript

Just love this demo: And how nice that they give you the files to download so you can do this yourself!