Change Menu Labels without Changing Page Names

Super quick WordPress tutorial on how to change the navigation or menu label without changing the page name.

WordPress Website Security: Is Your Website Secure?

Security is a hassle, there’s no way around it. Taking off your shoes at the airport, locking your doors, having your bags checked before you enter stadiums- it’s all a big pain. But in the end, we know it’s worth the effort. Website security can be the same way. It takes some extra effort, but… Read More

iThemes Security -Can’t Login – Redirects to the Home Page (formerly Better WP Security)

iThemes Security is one of my favorite security plugins, but it can be a little buggy.  I am always very careful about upgrading the plugin because sometimes it locks me out of the site by redirecting me back to the home page whenever I try to login.  When that happens, I can usually change the… Read More

Control Your WordPress Page Formatting with Basic HTML

With WordPress’ visual editor, it’s pretty simple to design your page or post the way you want. However, sometimes there are just times that the editor just won’t do what you want. WordPress follows most of the regular HTML rules, but there are a few things that WordPress does differently.  Here are some tips. First,… Read More

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Compiled bySingle Grain and Backlinko, this infographic is by no means an official list, but it has some great information on it.  

WordPress 101: The Dashboard

Let’s talk about the backend of your WordPress website in detail. Dashboard This is the first place you are directed to once you log into your site. Depending on your plugins, this could look a little different, but in general, I don’t find this page very useful and you won’t really need to use it…. Read More

WordPress Pages/Posts: For Beginners

If you just started a WordPress website, or even if you’ve been using one for a while, there are some great options that go along with WordPress that you won’t want to miss. Since posts are very similar to pages, this tutorial will refer to both. Title At the very top of each page/post, you’ll… Read More

Integrate Webmaster Tools With Google Publisher Plugin

I am now writing for tuts+. You can see my first tutorial for them here: Integrate Webmaster Tools With Google Publisher Plugin In the past, verifying your site would mean uploading files through FTP or adding code to your header or footer files. With this new plugin, you to verify your site with Google Webmaster… Read More

Tutorial: Appointment Booking Calendar Plugin

I recently had a client who need to book appointments. There are lots of plugins out there that offer this functionality, but she had quite a few requirements, including being able to book multiple appointments at one time, so I chose Appointment Booking Calendar for her. One of my favorite things about this plugin was… Read More

Use Firebug to Customize Your WordPress Theme – WordCamp CT Presentation

This was my presentation at WordCamp CT 2014 to show you how easy it is to use Firebug to customize your theme. You can find the slides for this presentation here: